Senior Pastor


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First Baptist Church of Murray, a multi-generational congregation in Western Kentucky, is seeking a Senior Pastor to equip members for our role in leading people to a life-changing and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Located in Murray, Kentucky, home to Murray State University and neighbor to Land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area, FBC is a thriving church with a rich history of service and missions.  Our campus is located in downtown Murray, with the newest facility (Family Life Center) completed in 2017 with the debt retired in 2022.  The Church hosts year-round programming for all ages, led by a dedicated team of ministers and volunteers.  The church also hosts a state-certified preschool program 8 months of each year.  FBC Murray is the founding church of what is now known as the Cooperative Program, just one example of our passion for taking the gospel to the nations - both in our backyard and on the other side of the globe.  Celebrating 175 years in 2022, we are ready to serve alongside our next Senior Pastor in shining God's glory and goodness to our community and world.

The Church is seeking a Senior Pastor who will shepherd the congregation in the next phase of our Church's future.  The core responsibilities of this role focus on leading the congregation and church staff, effectively preaching/teaching the Bible as the inspired word of God, and providing care to members of the church and community.  The Senior Pastor should seek to make disciples and display a servant's heart.


Pastoral Team Title: Senior Pastor                    

Pastoral Team Function: To enable the members of First Baptist Church, Murray, to carry out the purpose of the church (leading people to a life-changing and growing relationship with Jesus Christ), and to equip the church to carry out the five functions of the mission of the church: evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship, and worship.




The Senior Pastor will:

  • Serve as the spiritual leader of the congregation and church staff. 

  • Lead and develop the church staff in equipping the congregation to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 22:36-40; Matthew 28:18-20) by accomplishing the stated purpose of First Baptist Church, Murray.

  • Lead and equip the body of deacons for their ministry.

  • Provide direction and oversight to all the ministries of the church. 

  • Serve as or designate the church moderator for church business meetings.

  • Serve as the president of the corporation and chairperson of the Church Council per the First Baptist Church, Murray, Constitution & Bylaws.


The Senior Pastor will:

  • Effectively preach and teach the Bible as the inspired word of God. 

  • Communicate the vision for ministry that God gives to First Baptist Church, Murray.


The Senior Pastor will:

  • Use his spiritual gifts to build and edify the First Baptist Church, Murray, body of believers through hospital, nursing home, bereavement, shut-in, and prospect visitation.

  • Provide appropriate care to members of the church and the community and equip the church staff, deacon body, and members in this ministry.


The Senior Pastor will:

  • Be a servant leader and accessible to the congregation. 

  • Live an exemplary life of integrity, at all times modeling the call, character, and competencies of a growing minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • Promote a positive awareness of the church in the community by representing the church in religious and civic matters. 

  • Set the example through tithing and encouragement of Christian stewardship. 

  • Participate in planning, conducting, and evaluation of congregational worship and observance of church ordinances. 

  • Be available to conduct weddings, funeral services, and Biblically-based counseling services, making referrals as needed. 

  • Actively lead, support, and participate in church programs and outreach. 

  • Consult with the elected search committees, the personnel committee, and the church on the selection of all staff and church employees and in determining their duties and responsibilities.

  • Keep the church informed of denominational developments and opportunities to cooperatively reach others with the gospel on local, national, and international levels. 

  • Be responsible for the oversight of pulpit supply, guest speakers, musical groups, etc.

  • Other duties as needed or assigned.



The Senior Pastor will:

  • As the leader of the pastoral team, set the example as a grace-empowered leader. 

  • Establish relationships that will keep him accountable as a growing disciple, mentoring, and being mentored throughout his ministry. 

  • Build and foster a relationship of trust and loyalty among the employed church staff.

The Personnel Committee and/or the congregation reserve the right to amend this job description.